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    Register for the service free of charge and transfer money to your Trip Wallet. Read more
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    Select departure address, destination address and departure time. Read more
  • Screenshot of the user interface with multiple trip options.
    Confirm the ride and pay for it using your Trip Wallet. You receive a travel code and instructions for starting the journey included with the order confirmation. Read more
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    Go to your starting stop using the guide map provided, wave your hand to get the driver’s attention, get on the Kutsuplus bus, and tell or show your travel code to the driver. Read more
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    The passenger information display on the bus shows updated information on the proceeding of the journey. Read more
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    The Kutsuplus service gives you walking instructions all the way from the stop to your destination. Read more

Rides are paid in advance using the Trip Wallet. You can transfer money to your Trip Wallet from your bank account or credit card. You can also share your wallet, for example, with your family members or company employees.

You can define the places of departure and destination on the basis of a street address or a stop number. You can also choose an address or stop on the map. The time of departure can be no more than some tens of minutes after the time of ordering.

You can also reserve a space for the pram.

The service can offer several trip options at different prices. The normal price of a ride comprises a basic price of EUR 3.50 plus an additional charge of EUR 0.45 per kilometer, according to the direct route.

With the order confirmation, you receive a travel code, which serves as your ticket. You will also get the time when the minibus will pick you up from the bus stop, the estimated arrival time, and the number of the Kutsuplus bus (for example, K15). After the order is confirmed, the journey cannot be cancelled or changed.

With the order confirmation, you receive a walking route drawn on a map from the departure address to the bus stop. At the moment, the map can be used on computers and new smart phones with touchscreens. Each stop has a stop number, which can be found on the stop sign.

Go to the bus stop in good time – the Kutsuplus bus cannot wait for you.

Kutsuplus buses have at least nine passenger seats. The passenger information display shows the estimated travel time to the next stop. The Kutsuplus bus driver will provide you with advice and assistance when needed.

When you get off the bus, you can view the walking route to your destination on a map provided in the trip information in your kutsuplus.fi account.

What is Kutsuplus?

The ordering and control system of the Kutsuplus service is fully automated. It allows you to order trips even only a few minutes before you want to start your trip. After taking a Kutsuplus ride, every passenger gets a receipt by email. The email includes a link to assess the service. In addition, you can give feedback using HSL’s feedback form. We are hoping to receive a wealth of feedback and development ideas from the users!

The Kutsuplus service is in trial phase and is still being actively developed. At the moment, there are 15 Kutsuplus buses.

Where can Kutsuplus be used?

The Kutsuplus buses run south on Ring Road I. In the east, the service is limited to the east side of the Viikki Campus.

When can Kutsuplus be used?

During the pilot phase, the Kutsuplus buses run from Monday to Friday from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.