Kutsuplus service ended on 31 December 2015

If there is money left in your Trip Wallet, just log in, fill in your contact details and your account number and we will make a refund. The website where you can do this will be available until 31 January 2016. We will refund the money to your bank account by 15 March 2016.

Save your data before sending the refund request

Save your account information, if necessary, for tax or accounting purposes. Go to My trips to print out or send to your email account the receipts of your trips, unless you have cleared your trip details. Money transfers into your Kutsuplus Wallet can be found under Settings - Payment - Payment History.

If a wallet has been shared, only the administrator can make this notification. If the Kutsuplus account has been used by a company, the money will be refunded to the account designated by the company.

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